Inyección de Plástico

Our capacities range 1 to 200 grams. Producing High- Low Volume plastic parts 

  • 2 Injection Machine HPM New Britain
  • 2 Injection Machine Wittmann Battenfeld

Reverse engineering

Reverse engineering. Rapidly creates solids or surfaces just like in CAD, Creates complex hybrid 3D models for solid, surface and mesh.

Scanner Capture 3D Systems

Focused for the use of design, Reverse Engineering and Quality Control in Mold Manufacturing and Injection Molding (Geomagic Design X).

Experience to work various polymers.

Support to Industries

Manufacture of parts with a wide variety of polymers: Protectors, Gaskets , Caps, Brackets, Bumpers y Seals.

These components are appropriate with specific geometries for processes that require protection.

The Aerospace and Automotive Maquiladora sector has been supported to indirectly optimize its processes in the areas of; Painting, Powder coating, Anodizing, plating, e-coating and new projects.

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